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Our wines
Toro Loco Tete vecto Logo.png

Toro Loco® was born many years ago, in the Utiel-Requena territory.


The “Bobal” grape is the most common in the area and this grape gave us the name of the brand, because “Bobal,” in Old Spanish means “bull head.”

And “Loco” (crazy) is what local people said when a French man, from a family of Bordeaux winemakers, decided to create a wine in a secret region in Spain. 

El Macho® belongs to the Spanish tradition, a strong character with a passion and softness at heart. This wine is the same, open the bottle and discover all the richness it reveals.


El Macho® is a project of BVC Bodegas in the gem region D.O. Utiel-Requena near Valencia in the east part of Spain.

Situated 600 to 900 meters above sea level, thanks to the Mediterranean breeze, the slopes and altitude, the climate offers excellent ripening with warms days and cooling nights. 

By using modern day wine making techniques paired with traditional know how, we was able to create high quality wines which can be characterised as largely low intervention wines.


And so, the Fuerza de la Tierra® range was born acting as a beacon for the La Mancha DO both in unparalleled quality and style.

Marques del Bravo Logo.png

Pájaro de Buen Agüero® means Bird of good Omen. The owl overlooks the vineyards to make sure no harm will come to it by flying over the Sierra de la Virgen mountains.

On hilltops between 500 and 700 meters above the sea level, lay 45 year old vines in stony soil : ideal conditions for the Garnacha grape to grow.

Viña Fuerte® means “strong vineyard“. Produced in La Mancha, our wines are the result of quality vineyards and traditional know how paired with modern day wine making techniques.

Open a bottle and feel immediately the “Viña Fuerte“.

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